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Crew & Cast Credits

Many thanks to Brainfloss Records for hooking us up!

Thanks to Wrong Island Productions for producing our myspace page.

Special Thanks to our talented editors, Allan Spencer Wall and Lorena David, for the patience and perserverence to see us to the finish line of this project.

Thanks Jackie Ransier who photographed the Gits beautifully. One of these stunning photos open's our film.

This trailer for the film would not exist if not for the participation and assistance of many talented people. Doug Pray's brilliant footage of The Gits performing live in Seattle was taken during the shooting of his 1993 documentary film, "HYPE!" He has been kind enough to allow us to use some of this in our trailer (thank you so much, Doug). Doug Pray's new film will also have it's World Premiere at SXSW. Here's Doug Pray's new film's website: "Big Rig".

Our thanks also go out to the other artists who shared their work in the trailer. Jen Miko's photographs of Mia and The Gits are absolutely stunning. She captured something natural and raw while unveiling the humor, passion, and personalities of each band member. More of her work will be featured in the completed film.

Mark Pollard is a wonderful visual artist based in San Francisco. His paintings are absolutely breathtaking. The last image in the trailer is a portrait of Mia that Mark painted the day she died. It is also reproduced on the second Gits album "Enter: The Conquering Chicken".

Shelli Bohrer is a photographer who lives in the Bay Area. She has taken numerous photos of The Gits, including many from their early years at Antioch College. Shelli's work captures a purity, place and time that is evocative and unique.

Thanks to Lucy Hanna, a San Francisco artist/photographer, who captured many images of Mia's live performance.

Thanks to Steve McElhenney who allowed us to use his video footage from the 1992 "Frenching The Bully" CD release party in Seattle.

Thanks to Damion Haux for donating his time to design our website's homepage.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: The Gits for their music and for sharing their powerful story with us; Wiggly World, a.k.a. The Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, for their generosity, fiscal sponsorship and equipment grant (Dave Hanagan - thanks for your kindness, patience and loading the mags); Sean Kirby, the greatest D.P. in Seattle (and a great guy with a nice wife and twins); Sheila Higgins (an awesome editor and a true professional); and Rachel Dunn (thanks for getting us through the snag).

VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO: Metro Encoding in Los Angeles for their generosity and professional video encoding (the best of its kind - we love you guys); Shannon Hensley, attorney at law, C.F.I., Los Angeles; Stuebe, Dave Yaffe and Ed Novick for the jobs to pay for it, the advice and assistance; Amanda at Forde Labs, Seattle; and Eleanor and Gary Hamilton for their support and home in Queen Anne.

Appearing in Film (in order of appearance):

Mia Zapata
Matt Dresdner
Andrew Kessler
Steve Moriarty
Richard Zapata
Valerie Agnew
Mark Pollard
Ben London
Maria Mabra
Julian Gibson
Carla Sindle
Adrian Garver
Stephen Gero
Eric Greenwalt
Selene Vigil
Scott Benson
Stefanie Friday Sargent
Elizabeth Davis
Walter Laing
Ann Powers
Tim Sommer
Leah Gold
Tess. Lotta
Gretta Harley
Eric Zapata
Mike Millett
Roisin Dunne
Kathleen Hanna
Richard Gagnon
Tim Bradshaw
Joan Jett
Kenny Laguna
Russell Pachman
Daryl Cross
Steve Fogg
Glenna White
Judge Sharon Armstrong
Barbara Hood
Emily Marsh
Marcia Hamlin
Mike Katell
Merryn Hearn
Diane Priest
Tracy Johnson
Gloria Youngblood
Carol Whisenant

Directed by Kerri O'Kane
Produced by Jessica Bender
Edited by Allan Spencer Wall
Edited by Lorena David
Cinematography Sean Kirby
Music by The Gits
Executive Producer Jessica Bender
Executive Producer Danny Goldberg
Co-Producer Steve Moriarty
Associate Producer Ronnie Pontiac
Associate Producer Tamra Spivey

Production Sound Mixer Jessica Bender
Post Production Sound Patrick Lydon

Additional Editors Stacie Dekker
Dena Hayess
Joshua Charson
Marina Trammell

Assistant Editor Michael Adelmann
Additional Cinematography Kerri OKane
Sean Porter
Lisa Wiegand
Nicole Mackinlay Hahn
John Orphan
Stacie Dekker

Animation Tamiko Murai
Production Legal Services Shannon C. Hensley Esq.
Sales Agent Glen Reynolds/Circus Road Films
Color Correction Robert Henry
Technical Advisor Rachel Dunn
Gits Logo Animation Chris Spellmeyer
Publicist Alex Steininger
Telecine & Dailies Rednavel

Film Processing Forde Labs, Seattle
CFI Hollywood, Los Angeles
Fotokem, Burbank
Monaco Labs, San Francisco
Encoding Services Metro Encoding, Burbank
Seattle Housing and Transportation Eleanor and Gary Hamilton
Ohio Housing Matt Dresdner
Louisville Housing Carol Hensley
San Francisco Housing Ashanna Solaris and Andrei Skwira
Valerie Agnew
Jen Burton

Camera Equipment Provided by Sean Kirby
Sean Porter
Steve Bognar
Lisa Wiegand
Rachel Dunn
Nicole Mackinlay Hahn
The Northwest Film Forum

Sound Equipment Provided by David Yaffe
Ed Novick
James Stuebe
Scott Harber
Doug Arnold
The Northwest Film Forum

Still Photographs courtesy of:
Jackie Ransier
Richard Steinsvik
Shelli Bohrer
Jennifer Miko
Lucy Hanna
Scott Benson
Carla Sindle
Christine Sievanen
Ben London
Scott Benson
Steve Moriarty
Matt Dresdner
Russell Pachman
Donna Zapata
Kristen Zapata
Dick Zapata
Charles Peterson
Ed Goralnick
Sabrina West
David Hawkes
Joe Hirsch
Steve Moriarty
Joe Spleen
Matt Dresdner
Antiochiana, Antioch College

Concert Footage Courtesy of:

The Gits and 7 Year Bitch Live performance footage
filmed in 1993 for the motion picture "HYPE!"
Directed by Doug Pray
Produced by Steve Helvey
Director of Photography Robert Bennett
Courtesy DC9
Filmed at RKCNDY, Seattle WA

Modivation Films
Als Bar & Jabberjaw
Produced by Modi
Directed by Chris Craft
Filmed June 1993

Mike Desert - Als Bar and Jabberjaw
Steve McElhenney - Cd Release party at The Off Ramp
Kelly Wiese - Rathouse party 1990
Joe Hirsch - Canal Street Tavern, RKCNDY
Steve Moriarty - European Tour and Squat Footage
Mike Martzke - Islais Creek Concert
Ann Hudspeth - Weathered Wall
Jill Jackson - Antioch College Live Footage
Miranda Lloyd - OK Hotel Concert
Blackheart Record Group - Evil Stig performing at La Luna Theatre Portland, Oregon

Additional footage provided by:

Monty Pythons Flying Circus
Mr and Mrs Git
Python Pictures Ltd.

CBS News - 48 Hours
Andrew Perry - Antioch Student Films
Donna Zapata - Childhood Footage

King 5 News

SeattleNewspaper/Magazine articles:

Rock and Roll Never Forgets
By: Curt Shultz for The Oregonian 1995

Courtesy of The Courier-Journal:
Courier-Journal Scene cover from Oct. 9 1993;
Mia Zapata The Courier-Journal

Courtesy of The Seattle Times:
Who Murdered Mia Zapata?-No Arrests, Few Clues 5 Years After Slaying
Aug. 23, 1998
By Alex Tizon, Seattle Times staff reporter

Zapatas Killer Gets 36 Years May 1, 2004
By Christine Clarridge, Seattle Times staff reporter
Photo by Ken Lambert, Seattle Times photographer
DNA Leads To Arrest in 93 Death of Local Singer Jan. 12, 2003
By Alex Tizon, Seattle Times staff reporter
Photo by Harley Soltes, Seattle Times photographer

Man Found Guilty in Singers Murder March 26, 2004
By Christine Clarridge , Seattle Times staff reporter

Courtesy of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
"Poetic Echoes From A Stilled Voice Friends and Fans Remember
Slain Singer" Aug. 11, 1993
By Scott Sunde and Robert L. Jamieson Jr. Seattle P-I Staff Reporters

"11 Years Later Justice for Slain Singer" March 26, 2004
By: Tracy Johnson, Seattle P-I Staff Reporter
Photo by Karen Ducey, Seattle P-I Staff Photographer

"A Healing Note for Zapata's Loved Ones" March 26, 2004
By Robert L. Jamieson Jr. Seattle P-I Staff Reporter

Courtesy of The Stranger:
"Saint Mia" Jan. 16, 2003
By Sean Nelson
"Finally - DNA Evidence Leads to Arrest of Mia Zapata's Suspected Murderer"
Jan. 16, 2003
By Amy Jenniges

Courtesy of Maximum RocknRoll
Punk Rock and Roll Aint Dead Feb. 15 1991
By Jeff Dahl

Week of Feb 15 Northwest Top Twenty
Feb. 15 1991

The Filmmakers Would Like to Thank:

The Northwest Film Forum, Seattle Washington
The Comet Tavern, Seattle Washington
The Experience Music Project
Antioch College, Yellow Springs Ohio
The Rose Club Caf, Seattle Washington
Piecora's Pizza, Seattle Washington
Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville Kentucky
Zapata Salon, Los Angeles California
Sunset Tavern, Seattle Washington
The Roxie Cinema, San Francisco California
The Frontier Room, Seattle Washington
CD Baby
J.R. Productions
Microsoft Studios
Nalini Cheriel
Jay Rosenblatt
Michael Nichols
Lisa Fae Beatty
Mike 'Lil Mike' Martzke
Jennifer Miko
Gillian Gaar
Lisle Boomer
Sarah Wolf
Peter Deegan
Stewart Williams
Joan Jett
David Barr Yaffe
Aimee Bell
Michelle McKinley
William Caulfield
Joanna Chan
Reba Rosenthal
Damion Haux
Greg Oropeza
Blackheart Records
Special Thanks:
Eleanor Hamilton, Gary Hamilton,
Shannon C. Hensley Esq.
and Arianne Peckham Palmieri
for their high level of support and assistance

Also to:
The Gits
Donna Zapata
Kristen Zapata Vittitow
Eric Zapata
Richard Zapata
Barbara Hood

Thanks to all who have donated funds to the project:

Eleanor and Gary Hamilton
Alyssa and Mark Erickson
Ashanna Solaris and Andrei Skwira
Cynthia and Jeffrey Bischoff
Mike Millett - Broken Rekids
Robert Bender
Jim Stuebe
Valerie Agnew
Eastman Kodak
Michael Heath
Richard Zapata
Michael Peskura
Eric Schecter
Michael Briggs
Sarah B. Meardon
Tague Griffith
Chris Harvey
Ann Hudspeth
Microsoft Studios
Jen Burton
Jody Komai

Acoustic and electric guitar - Andrew Kessler

Mia Zapata solo recorded in 1989 at Antioch College

Produced in association with Wiggly World Studios/NWFF
This film was made possible by a grant from Wiggly World Studios, Seattle,

The Gits
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