I am a first time feature length director, I have now appreciated the difficulty in making this film about Mia Zapata and The Gits as a whole. The magnitude of what was presented to me filled me up to a level that lives with me daily. I started with the intentions of bringing an awareness to this amazing band and their phenomenal vocalist, Mia. I did not, however, foresee that justice would be served after nearly a decade of pondering. Jessica Bender, my very best friend and producer of The Gits, has stood by me in this process to see us thru to the final completion of this film. It is truly, and unconditionally, that without her support, financially, spiritually and beyond that this project would never see fruition. We made mistakes, we wondered, we processed all that we had and together we finished something that, together, we both can be proud of. Without Jessica's belief in me, this story may never have been told. The Gits were a band that I never saw live. I never saw a performance. I never saw them onstage. However, despite those facts, I cannot help but feel sorrow that I could never be in the front row and worship Mia. Be mesmerized by her vocals and the performance of the band. It has always and continues to make me angry that such a life was taken from us all. This band is held sacred by many. I feel blessed and fortunate that I was able to direct this film and to partake in such a wonderful, sad and moving project. There has been the good and the bad in making this 6 year labor of love about such a prolific band and such a fiery and vibrant woman, Mia Zapata. It was and still is a sensitive subject matter. Mia was innocent and had nothing to do with her violent end. This tragedy was not related to a drug overdose or a suicide, she was just a woman living a dream and walking free. For this reason, I made the film entitled, The Gits. I am blessed to have made it and I am blessed to have walked alongside Mia's dear friends and loved ones. This story could have been told in many different ways, I thank Andy, Matt, Steve and Mia for allowing me to tell it my way.


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