"Kerri O'Kane's new film 'The Gits' succeeds as a documentary —
she makes the viewer fall in love with her subject — and then some." -Sarah Bardeen - NPR

"'The Gits' tells a story as powerful as the music behind it" - Spin Magazine

"Kerri O’Kane’s bittersweet film is one of the most important documentaries of the last decade, a no-frills, down to earth record of a band that changed the world for many people."

"'The Gits’ is not just a film for fans, it should be mandatory viewing for everyone old enough to work a DVD player; a poignant, sincere reminder that life, music and love are positive, powerful gifts that should be celebrated and honoured every day."

- Charlotte Richardson Andrews - UK's Wear The Trousers

"'The Gits' a true and tragic rock 'n' roll saga, emphasizes the legend of its title band and the alluring qualities of lead singer Mia Zapata. O'Kane and editors Allan Spencer Wall and Lorena David maintain a tonal consistency by making each comment count toward a clear, well-defined picture." - Phil Gallo - Variety

"For those who knew the Gits in their prime, the movie is a testament to the power of their music, and the promise unfulfilled."
Sam Adams - Los Angeles Times

"'The Gits' is a sizzling, tight-as-a-drum, transcendent study of a woman’s incredible creativity, her insanely tragic death, and the way both have haunted and inspired so many for years afterwards... essential viewing for any of her fans, this is a rock doc that kicks amazing amounts of ass."- Chris Estey - KEXP

"Even though the Gits' influence on pop-music history was never in question, 'The Gits' clears up any confusion about who they were and why they still matter. Thanks to 'The Gits,' people who didn't get it before may finally be getting their chance." – Ted Fry - Seattle Times

"Kerri O’Kane (director) and Jessica Bender (producer) have constructed an engrossing, genuinely moving portrait of the band and Zapata’s inspiring portrait of a group of close friends truly committed to each other, their music and their fans."
- Dennis Hartley - Air America Radio

"Here is a three-word summary of how intense this documentary is: Joan Jett cries. Anyone who doesn't know how this story turned out will be shocked and awed by the end, to be sure." - Steve Palopoli - Silicon Valley's Metro

"'The Gits' is intimate and authentic, a heartfelt, far cry from chilly investigate TV fare." – Clint Brownlee, Seattlest

"['The Gits' Movie is] as impassioned and inspiring as the band itself…" – Bob Ham - Live PDX

"[A] revealing documentary…about female power, male violence and the persistence of allies." – Lisa Kennedy - Denver Post

"O’Kane’s directorial decision makes a relevant argument for considering the entire arc of this brilliant life and painful death of Mia Zapata."- Sheba White - Venuszine

"Documentary specialist Kerri O'Kane details the rise of promising Seattle-based punk outfit The Gits, bringing their story to the screen for the benefit of Gits fans and anti-violence activists alike."
Jason Buchanan - The New York Times.

"'The Gits' is a stirring portrait of one of the great, largely unknown voices in music and how her loss is still felt to this day. The Gits is a treasure trove."
Peter Vonder Haar - Film Threat Magazine

"This beats with more heart and terrific music than 99.9% of what comes from Hollywood these days. From Kerri O'Kane's direction to the music, everything works."
Harry Knowles - Ain't it Cool News

"O'Kane deftly navigates the tension that arises between the end of a career and the loss of a human being."
Melanie Haupt -The Austin Chronicle

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