When Jessy and I first heard The Gits, we both knew that this band was truly unique and innately talented. Here is the story of how The Gits film began:

Late one night in 2002, I was going through some books I had purchased for research on a documentary I was working on at the time. In so doing, I discovered an organization called "Home Alive". After reading further about this nonprofit collective, there was a name, Mia Zapata, and a dedication to her. What a cool name I thought and who was this woman? After surfing the net and finding dozens of sites about her it was clear that Mia was the singer of The Gits, and sadly, no longer with us. A flood of emotions streamed through me as I read the articles and dedications and learned about what happened to Mia Zapata. The information I read ripped my heart out yet, having not heard The Gits, I pined the rest of the night anticipating my journey to Tower Records. Finally, 9:00 am approached and I blazed up to the store. There in the back of the store, sort of obscured by the latest music hype, I found it, "Seafish Louisville: The Gits." My heart palpitated as the cd revolved in the player of my car. I sat there silently as a slowly building riff echoed out of the speakers, then, there was a voice, a beautiful incomparable voice, "I woke up this morning, dizzy in my brain . . .". That was all I needed to hear to know that I was about to go on a journey of a lifetime. From that point on, it has indeed become a remarkable journey that I will never forget.